What is a customs broker for?

Hiring a professional customs broker attached to compliance will help you develop the necessary strategies to meet the objectives of your company in foreign trade.

What is a customs broker for?

If you currently want to start foreign trade operations in Mexico, importing or exporting merchandise of any kind so that your company can grow, position itself in the market and optimize your internal procedures; Undoubtedly, hiring a customs agent will help you develop the necessary strategies to meet these objectives.


If you currently want to start foreign trade operations in Mexico, importing or exporting merchandise of any kind so that your company can grow, position itself in the market and optimize your internal procedures; Undoubtedly, hiring a customs agent will help you develop the necessary strategies to meet these objectives.

But … What is a customs broker?

A customs agent is a professional specialized in international commercial transactions, who is authorized under a legal patent issued by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) of the country, to represent individuals and companies, in the necessary management before the different authorities and customs regimes of the country. country to import and export merchandise of different natures.

But not only does he focus on this activity, he is also qualified to provide advice in this area to any organization that requires it, prepare customs requests, make tariff classifications, make payment of third-party contributions, determine the types of regimes of a transaction foreign trade, and many other functions inherent in this area.Obtaining a customs broker patent is extremely difficult, and because of that, only those who achieve it are truly qualified to provide their services. Those who do not own this patent, but work for customs agencies, are under the direction of a legally constituted agent who monitors each of their activities.

Can I do the job of a customs broker?

Although some people and companies do not consider the service provided by a customs agent useful, it is necessary to emphasize that, if they wish to carry out the operations to import and export merchandise, they must take into account the following aspects:

1. Have knowledge in the preparation of documents requested by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, as well as the necessary studies to determine the tariffs and regimes that correspond to your merchandise.
2. Establish commercial relationships with logistics, commercial and financial companies in Mexico and also in the country of destination (in the case of export) or origin (in the case of import) for the proper treatment of your merchandise.
3. Contact the international transport company that will be in charge of the transfer of the shipment and take into account international transfers.
4. Quote in different financial institutions, obtaining international insurance that covers your shipment.
5. Choose the customs authority from which you will send or receive your cargo; in addition to establishing and monitoring the necessary procedures before it.
6. To facilitate the customs administration the inspection of your merchandise.
7. Make the corresponding payments for taxes and fees.

What benefits will I have when hiring a customs agent?

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who consider it feasible to have the services of a customs agency with a staff of professionals who will fully comply with what is required by your company, we show you some additional benefits that you will obtain with your choice.

It will greatly reduce costs

Doing everything yourself will not be cheaper. Rather, you will spend a lot of time, money and effort preparing the right conditions for just 1 shipment; each of the foreign trade transactions being completely different from each other. Hiring a customs agent will allow you to access an infinity of previously stipulated commercial agreements that will make your import and export operations faster, more accessible and effective.

Your company will become more competitive

The time it will take to execute a single process will be the same as 3 international transactions with a customs agent. Outsourcing this service will allow you to focus your attention and resources on other areas that require growth. This service will also optimize some areas of sales and production of the company, reducing internal costs through this automation.

You will save on human talent

Even if you decide to do it yourself, some processes that import and export merchandise must be carried out by a specialized professional that you will have to hire. If you choose a customs broker, you will avoid the high salary of an internal foreign trade professional who will not be able to perform all the internal functions of a customs broker patented by the Mexican state.

It will guarantee security in your transaction

In addition to a high cost, executing the transaction will not guarantee the same security as hiring a customs agent. These professionals already have certified quality alliances and a large staff of satisfied clients. In addition, it will ensure the success and legality of each transaction, from the beginning of the operations to the end, by constantly monitoring each of the stages and companies in charge of the merchandise in them.

You can operate in different customs of the country

Although a customs broker is only authorized for 3 customs offices, they generally consolidate companies or associations with other patented professionals to increase the territorial scope of the company. By acquiring their services, no matter what city you are in, you can expand your business operations nationwide.

You will have access to the international market

Being a client of a customs agent, this will undoubtedly facilitate other transactions that will allow you to access a wide range of products and services abroad; Thus, merchandise or raw materials that you previously acquired at a specific cost can be obtained from foreign suppliers at a lower cost and higher quality. Without a doubt, a customs broker is your best choice

When establishing contact with a professional in foreign trade, make sure that both he and your company keep their legality up to date. You should also confirm with other businessmen close to you, the reputation of the organization and its results; so that these references help you make a concrete decision and know what services the customs broker will offer you.

Hiring these services from a third party will facilitate many complicated procedures and the time that you would have to spend doing it yourself. On the other hand, it will also expand the coverage of your company and can be extended to the international market more easily; to the point where you can guarantee your suppliers or clients complete peace of mind that their transaction is in process in the hands of the best customs agent.



At Spectrum Worldwide we are always working to provide you with more knowledge to support your decision process. Our consultants are experts in customs operations and foreign trade.


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